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Control Your Lock From the Free Mobile App or use Voice Activated Smart Home Speakers


Easily set access schedules that only allow the push button to work at desired times to keep kids, pets, or unwanted visitors out during unauthorized hours.


Use the optional keypad to share access codes to service workers or Airbnb guests


Get notifications about the status of your gate


With the latch and lock in one unit, you can use GateSense as a standalone device


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What colors will it come in?

A: You can get either the Gate Unit or Keypad in solid Black or White.

Q: Can I get one without a latch since I already have one?

A: Sure! The unit is exactly the same but with the latch part removed. It will still be able to lock.

Q: Is the keypad required?

A: No, the keypad is optional and is not required to operate GateSense.

Q: Will I be able to use this on my new pool build as a certified gate latch?

A: Yes, we plan to get this device certified to meet the latch requirement for US swimming pool building codes.